TY Indie Horror Filmmaking Community, Audiences and Press, for Embracing “Don’t Look”!

I thank the horror/suspense/fantasy/sci-fi community and the specialized press, for the remarkable welcome to our horror film “Don’t Look”!  The film has already won three awards (Spotlight Horror Silver Award for Independent Filmmaking; Best Effects at Toronto’s Spring of Horror Fest in Canada; Scariest Film by Audience Choice Award at Rock Horror in Rio Film Fest in Brazil.  It also got a Best Director nomination for Luciana Faulhaber, at North Hollywood CineFest in Los Angeles.

Screening at Crimson Screen Film Fest in South Carolina on Saturday May 26, 2018, 10am, has been sold out for over a month.  The film has 6 Crimson Awards nominations including best feature film, best director, best produced screenplay, best cinematography, best effects and best actor (Jeff Berg).

If you have tickets for Crimson Screen, make sure to join the “Don’t Look” team there!  No tickets?  No problem! Show up anyhow and you might be able to get in if there are cancellations.  Congrats to all Crimson Screen nominees and thanks to the team at Crimson Screen for the opportunity to participate and the award nominations.  For details about Crimson Screen’s 2018, check out www.crimsonscreenfilmfest.org.

The cast of our slasher horror movie “Don’t Look.” The film will be distributed worldwide by Wild Eye Releasing, dropping on VOD in the Fall 2018.