TY Indie Horror Filmmaking Community, Audiences and Press, for Embracing “Don’t Look”!

I thank the horror/suspense/fantasy/sci-fi community and the specialized press, for the remarkable welcome to our horror film “Don’t Look”!  The film has already won three awards (Spotlight Horror Silver Award for Independent Filmmaking; Best Effects at Toronto’s Spring of Horror Fest in Canada; Scariest Film by Audience Choice Award at Rock Horror in Rio Film Fest in Brazil.  It also got a Best Director nomination for Luciana Faulhaber, at North Hollywood CineFest in Los Angeles.

Screening at Crimson Screen Film Fest in South Carolina on Saturday May 26, 2018, 10am, has been sold out for over a month.  The film has 6 Crimson Awards nominations including best feature film, best director, best produced screenplay, best cinematography, best effects and best actor (Jeff Berg).

If you have tickets for Crimson Screen, make sure to join the “Don’t Look” team there!  No tickets?  No problem! Show up anyhow and you might be able to get in if there are cancellations.  Congrats to all Crimson Screen nominees and thanks to the team at Crimson Screen for the opportunity to participate and the award nominations.  For details about Crimson Screen’s 2018, check out www.crimsonscreenfilmfest.org.

The cast of our slasher horror movie “Don’t Look.” The film will be distributed worldwide by Wild Eye Releasing, dropping on VOD in the Fall 2018.


Fantastic Big Screen World Premiere for “Don’t Look”!

I thank North Hollywood CineFest and the Los Angeles indy filmmaking community, for a fantastic big screen world premiere and welcome to our horror feature film “Don’t Look”!  Next: International premiere April 6, 2018 at Rock Horror in Rio (Brazil) and Canadian premiere April 7, 2018, at Toronto’s Spring Of Horror!  Here are a few momentos of North Hollywood.

Actor and Producer Javier E. Gomez and the production team of “Don’t Look”, at Hollywood CineFest 2018: Lindsay Eshelman, Luciana Faulhaber, Danial Shaw and Jessica Boucher.

North Hollywood 2018: Actress/Singer Janina Irizarry, Producer/Actor Javier E. Gomez, Producer/Director/Actress Luciana Faulhaber, Actor Tiago Riandi.

Javier E. Gomez at North Hollywood CineFest 2018.

Our Film Horror “Don’t Look” Premieres in Los Angeles and Abroad!

The comedy horror feature film “Don’t Look” that I co-produced and co-stared in with director Luciana Faulhaber will premiere in Los Angeles on March 26th, 2018, at the North Hollywood CineFest.  The film was also nominated for “Best Direction of a Feature Film”, for Luciana’s directorial work.  If you’re in the LA area, join us for the screening, a panel and party afterwards. For tickets and information, click here.  Also… the film will have it’s international premiere on April 6, 2018 at the Rock Horror in Rio Festival, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and April 7, 2018, at Toronto International Spring of Horror, Canada.  If you happen to be in Rio and Toronto, join us as well! For tickets and info click each festival’s name above. “Don’t Look” was recently acquired by Wild Eye Releasing for worldwide distribution, so stay tuned about VOD release in the Fall 2018 and more!

Our horror film “Don’t Look” has been acquired by Wild Eye Releasing! Trailer now unveiled!

Deadline News recently announced that “Don’t Look”, the horror with comedy feature film that I co-produced and co-starred in, directed by Luciana Faulhaber, has been acquired by Wild Eye Releasing!  Stay tuned for world theatrical premiere at the North Hollywood Cinefest in Los Angeles, California (March 2018), and international theatrical premiere in April 2018 at the Rock Horror Film Festival (April 2018) in Rio de Janeiro.  VOD release scheduled for the Fall 2018.  The trailer was exclusively released by Rue Morgue.  To see the trailer click here!

Arts, Media & Culture in the Reconstruction of Puerto Rico: A Panel

Join actress Luna Lauren Vélez (“Dexter”), media specialist Susanne Ramírez de Arellano, other noted actors/writers/directors/producers/journalists, and I, on Friday, November 10th, 2017, for a series of afternoon panels discussing the role and impact of multimedia makers and artists in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.  Hosted by Prime Latino Media (Louis E. Perego Moreno, Founder and Director) and the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, in New York.  For more information about specific panels and times, and RSVP, visit http://centropr.nationbuilder.com/PRFilm2017. #arts #community #empowerment #collaborations #creativity #change

Natural Disaster Relief Fund: Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida

In less than a month, our hemisphere has been devastated by historic natural disasters.  Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands were virtually destroyed by Hurricane Maria, barely days after suffering impact by Hurricane Irma.  Mexico has suffered at least three earthquakes in recent weeks, including the Sept. 19th earthquake that left 200+ dead and a rescue and recovery operation that is still ongoing.  Meanwhile, on the U.S. Mainland, communities in Texas and Florida still struggle to recuperate after hurricanes Harvey and Irma, respectively.

Help is urgently needed for drinking water, food, medication, clothing, fuel, clean up supplies, equipment and other essential items.  Please consider pledging a donation.

For Puerto Rico, Mexico & Dominican Republic, you might visit the Hispanic federation:  www.hispanicfederation.org/donate.  You can choose the location where you’d like your pledge to go.

For Mexico:  You can also visit, Cruz Roja Mexicana at https://cruzrojadonaciones.org

For communities in the USA, incl. the Virgin Islands, please donate via the American Red Cross:  www.redcross.org

Gracias!  #solidarity #giving #humanity #building

Tromadance 2017!

I congratulate Lloyd Kaufman and the entire Troma Entertainment Team for a glorious opening of Tromadance Film Festival 2017!  It was fantastic!  Thanks for keeping the tradition of cult, classic, indie horror films in the USA alive, and providing a platform for the community to come together, foster partnerships, learn, and forge an ongoing dialogue about the genre, its present and future.  #inspiration #collaborations #indiefilmmaking #creativity #freedom #solidarity #toxicavenger #superhero #dontlookmovie #technologies

Troma Entertainment Founder Lloyd Kaufman and Javier E. Gomez, talk during the opening night of the Tromadance Film Festival 2017.

Troma Entertainment Co-Founder and cult horror film legendary director Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger), at the Tromadance Film Festival 2017.

“Don’t Look” Movie… Our Horror Comedy Feature is Ready!

I am happy to share that “Don’t Look”, our comedy horror film is complete!  I thank all of the Kickstarter Donors, film director and co-producer Luciana Faulhaber, co-producer Lindsay DiFulvio, film editor Daniel Shaw, music composer Thiago Thibeiro, friends, family, colleagues and everyone in the Enuff Productions team who helped make this project possible.  We are proud beyond words!  Stay tune for more information soon.  Meanwhile, check out the film’s new poster!  #indiefilm #horror #comedy #kickstarter

“Vitrina Rota” (Broken Window)

On Wednesday March 29th, 2017; 6:30pm, at the Loisaida Cultural Center in NYC, I will have the honor to introduce and lead a Q&A session with noted Puerto Rican journalist, musician and writer Silverio Pérez, for the NYC presentation of his celebrated book “Vitrina Rota” (Broken Window), a fantastic history-based analysis of the economic collapse of Puerto Rico, and looking forward.  Join us for an insightful conversation with one of Puerto Rico’s most influential and respected voices in cultural, political and economic affairs on the island.  To RSVP click here!

Silverio Perez and Javier E. Gomez at the Lyric Theatre in New York City.

Front Cover of Silverio Pérez’s celebrated book “La Vitrina Rota o ¿Qué Carajo Pasó Aquí?” (Broken Showcase or What the Heck Happened Here?), a solid historic analysis of the economic collapse of Puerto Rico, and looking forward.