Tromadance 2017!

I congratulate Lloyd Kaufman and the entire Troma Entertainment Team for a glorious opening of Tromadance Film Festival 2017!  It was fantastic!  Thanks for keeping the tradition of cult, classic, indie horror films in the USA alive, and providing a platform for the community to come together, foster partnerships, learn, and forge an ongoing dialogue about the genre, its present and future.  #inspiration #collaborations #indiefilmmaking #creativity #freedom #solidarity #toxicavenger #superhero #dontlookmovie #technologies

Troma Entertainment Founder Lloyd Kaufman and Javier E. Gomez, talk during the opening night of the Tromadance Film Festival 2017.

Troma Entertainment Co-Founder and cult horror film legendary director Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger), at the Tromadance Film Festival 2017.