Fantastic Big Screen World Premiere for “Don’t Look”!

I thank North Hollywood CineFest and the Los Angeles indy filmmaking community, for a fantastic big screen world premiere and welcome to our horror feature film “Don’t Look”!  Next: International premiere April 6, 2018 at Rock Horror in Rio (Brazil) and Canadian premiere April 7, 2018, at Toronto’s Spring Of Horror!  Here are a few momentos of North Hollywood.

Actor and Producer Javier E. Gomez and the production team of “Don’t Look”, at Hollywood CineFest 2018: Lindsay Eshelman, Luciana Faulhaber, Danial Shaw and Jessica Boucher.

North Hollywood 2018: Actress/Singer Janina Irizarry, Producer/Actor Javier E. Gomez, Producer/Director/Actress Luciana Faulhaber, Actor Tiago Riandi.

Javier E. Gomez at North Hollywood CineFest 2018.

Our Film Horror “Don’t Look” Premieres in Los Angeles and Abroad!

The comedy horror feature film “Don’t Look” that I co-produced and co-stared in with director Luciana Faulhaber will premiere in Los Angeles on March 26th, 2018, at the North Hollywood CineFest.  The film was also nominated for “Best Direction of a Feature Film”, for Luciana’s directorial work.  If you’re in the LA area, join us for the screening, a panel and party afterwards. For tickets and information, click here.  Also… the film will have it’s international premiere on April 6, 2018 at the Rock Horror in Rio Festival, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and April 7, 2018, at Toronto International Spring of Horror, Canada.  If you happen to be in Rio and Toronto, join us as well! For tickets and info click each festival’s name above. “Don’t Look” was recently acquired by Wild Eye Releasing for worldwide distribution, so stay tuned about VOD release in the Fall 2018 and more!