Fantastic Big Screen World Premiere for “Don’t Look”!

I thank North Hollywood CineFest and the Los Angeles indy filmmaking community, for a fantastic big screen world premiere and welcome to our horror feature film “Don’t Look”!  Next: International premiere April 6, 2018 at Rock Horror in Rio (Brazil) and Canadian premiere April 7, 2018, at Toronto’s Spring Of Horror!  Here are a few momentos of North Hollywood.

Actor and Producer Javier E. Gomez and the production team of “Don’t Look”, at Hollywood CineFest 2018: Lindsay Eshelman, Luciana Faulhaber, Danial Shaw and Jessica Boucher.

North Hollywood 2018: Actress/Singer Janina Irizarry, Producer/Actor Javier E. Gomez, Producer/Director/Actress Luciana Faulhaber, Actor Tiago Riandi.

Javier E. Gomez at North Hollywood CineFest 2018.